Photo Contributors

Kira Greene is our only native of Washington having grown up in Vancouver before taking the epic three hour trek to Seattle.  Ever a friend to animals, she is often found chasing ducks around Greenlake, petting jellyfish or cuddling up to her pet hermit crab.  When she isn’t accosting wild creatures she is capturing the many angles of Seattle or singing loudly to Disney songs.


Amanda Fehring is a professional photographer having been featured in The Atlantic Gallery in Chelsea, The National Arts Club of New York and The Mishkin Gallery. Her work contrasts the natural and the man made just as she contrasts the funny and the badass in every day life. She is another true Montanan.


Kaitlyn Beauchene has been known to hibernate in Eugene, Oregon. Originally a resident of Missoula, Montana she made her way to the west coast while traveling with the circus as their highwire unicyclist as well as being the understudy lion until she escaped from her cage somewhere in the enchanted Oregon wilderness.  She can often be found frolicking barefoot in the forest. Ms. Beauchene’s work can be found at the following links and also in a hollowed out tree along the Willamette.


Erik Ellingson, code name the general, holds the key to eternal youth. He has been alive for several centuries and has lived many lives, most notably that of a Civil War General representing the Union. After he won the war, he sought solace in the mountains of Montana where he hid for many years and where he recognized his love of preserving his hundreds of years of memories through photography. Eventually he fled the mountains due to an unfortunate incident with some farmers and their pitchforks and now resides in New York City where he can pursue his passions as well as remain anonymous to the anti-immortal masses. Documentation of The General’s many years and beard growing tips can be found in the following places.