Yakkity Yak


We’re both talkers. We take turns not letting the other get a word in. Our friendship really blossomed over the phone in the years following our geographical separation. We began to supplement this time on the phone by exchanging these correspondences, but we still live as friends over the phone.

This conversational centerpiece is not unique to our friendship. Most of my friendships are now long distance, so time on the phone has become the lifeblood of my social life. But now that practice, this hours long communication is taking a new form. As if I couldn’t be more annoying, I’ve begun to podcast with my friends. And you are my latest victim.

The idea of podcasting is somethings I would have scoffed at just a few years ago. I can’t imagine myself in college producing digital on demand radio. In fact, I don’t think I listened to a podcast until 2015 some time. I may or may not have actively avoided them. Now I see my previous avoidance for the waste of time that it is.

With the launch in February Of Secret Weapon Productions, my podcast network/production company, I discovered a new way of collaborating and creating. I had become a producer, in the advisory and grandson sense of the word. Direct control of a process and the product it produces was an incredible thing to discover. But the being able to immediately distribute it made it the most actionable creative endeavor in my life.

With the growth of our friendship and the podcast network, it was only a matter of time before you and I started a podcast together. And as we continue to create and grow as friends and collaborators, I’m so excited to see what fruit this new project yields.

Recording live,